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Inside the Museum

A visit to the DA VINCI INTERACTIVE MUSEUM is a walk through time through the rooms of the Scoletta di San Rocco, built in Venice in 1494 as the first seat of the Confraternity of Saint Roch.
As it was found to be inappropriate by the early 1500s, the Scoletta di San Rocco was replaced by the present Scuola Grande. Inside the museum, among Leonardo's machines and inventions, there are original furnishings and six original paintings from the school of Tintoretto from the 17th century as well as the staircase and the entrance door from the 1700s. 

Inventions and principles of physics and mechanics

On display you will find the main mechanisms designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. You will be able to operate them and understand the breadth of the engineering and physics studies he carried out, contributing to the discovery of new dynamics and new machines that have become irreplaceable in the modern era.

Each principle of physics and mechanics is accompanied by multilingual explanations. 

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Paintings and drawings

The works and secrets of the greatest genius who ever lived are revealed in the exhibition with his most important projects and drawings, including the reproduction of the famous Vitruvian Man. You will also find reproductions of Leonardo's most famous paintings in life size, displayed through innovative backlighting technology; the very high resolution allows you to admire all details that are difficult to appreciate in the original.

Each work is accompanied by multilingual explanations. 

Experimental stations and science

Leonardo was an innovator and precursor in all fields of science: from anatomy to engineering, from geometry to physics. Discover Leonardo through educational workshops, multimedia films and the section devoted to anatomy, with studies of the human body that earned him perfection in the art of portrait painting. 

Each experimental station and the anatomy section are accompanied by multilingual explanations. 

The interactive part of the museum

Explore the world of Leonardo Da Vinci through a truly interactive experience suitable for everyone. You will find Leonardo's main inventions in stunning visual impact, working and life-size, such as war machines, flying machines, principles of physics and much more. You will be able to understand and test the workings of his inventions and understand how this Renaissance man was extraordinarily ahead of his time.

Each machine is accompanied by multilingual explanations. 

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The Royal 
Da Vinci Commission

leonardo touchscreen codici e anatomia


The only complete exhibition: 300 drawings on display in rotation and Leonardo's transcribed codices. 
In 1902, the Royal Da Vinci Commission was set up in Rome under the patronage of the Ministry of Education to bring together Leonardo's heritage scattered all over the world. 
The phototypes were made by the greatest art historian from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th century, professor Adolfo Venturi. 
The volumes of the codices are presented with a faithful (diplomatic) transcription and one (critical) translated into current Italian from the early 20th century. 
Given the delicacy of the material, the codices can only be consulted through their digitisation presented on a touch screen.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

leonardo da vinci
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The Bookshop

Large assortment of books for adults and children 

Model inventions to build

Gadgets for all occasions

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School information

Due to its didactic approach, the museum is suitable for school classes, which can supplement the theoretical knowledge part with stimulating interactive sections consisting of displays, touchscreens, inventions and experimental stations.
Further information, anecdotes and tips on using the interactive machines can be obtained with the help of an in-house guide to be booked in conjunction with the visit.
Each visit must be organised in advance to optimise occupation and use of space. We recommend a maximum of 40 people per visit. 

For information on bookings, prices and payment methods, please write to : 

info@davincimuseum.it   ​Ms  Elisabetta 

Getting here

10 minutes from Piazzale Roma
direction Fondamenta dei Tolentini.

15 minutes from the Santa Lucia railway station
direction Ponte degli Scalzi, towards the church of San Simeon Piccolo

Vaporetto Line 1, Line 2. Nearest stop San Tomà.

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